The Unwritten Miracle

A Note to the Reader:

Disciple: A dedicated follower.
Apostle: One who is sent.
Of Jesus many disciples, fourteen were called Apostles.
Matthias was added to replace Judas Iscariot Acts 1:20-26
Paul was called to be an apostle. Romans 1:1

As we read the Bible over and over again we have probably over looked the greatest miracle in the New Testament. The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John subtly chronicled all of Our Lord’s great works. That work made the church as we know it possible. This miracle was the gathering of the Apostles.

Jesus did not gather together holy men, but men whom he could teach the workings and the very thinking of the Father. Who were these men whom were called The Twelve? There was:

The Twelve
Andrew and
Simon (called Peter )
They were brothers and fishermen, and sons of Jona. Matt. 4:18-20
James and John They were sons of Zebedee and they too were fishermen.
Matt. 4:21-22
Jesus called them the sons of Thunder. Mark 3:17
Philip Was from the same town as Andrew and Peter John 1:44
Bartholomew Also known as Nathanael, he was brought to Jesus by Philip John 1:45-51
Matthew Also known as Levi, a son of Alphaeus.
These seven were the first to be recruited by Jesus.
Matt. 9:9
James the Less Also a son of Alphaeus. Matt. 10:3
Thomas Also known as Didymus and 'doubting Thomas' John 20:24
Simon Zelotes The Zealot, a Canaanite Mark 3:16-19
Thaddaeus sometimes called, Judas who was son of James. Luke 6:16
Judas Iscariot, the treasurer and probably a thief. Mark 3:19

How were the apostles gathered? What do we know about these men? We know that each man was hand picked by Jesus ( Read John 1:35-51).

John 1:35-41 tells us that Andrew and one other (Some commentaries say it was John, I believe it was Philip) were disciples of John the Baptist. When John the Baptist proclaimed that Jesus was "the Lamb of God!", Andrew and the other left John the Baptist and began to follow Jesus.

And in John 1:41 Andrew tells Simon that they had found the Messiah.

In John 1:43 through 51, we see that Jesus asks Philip to follow him. And in verses 45 and 46 we see the relationship between Philip and Simon called Peter, James and John. We also see that Philip brings Nathanael to Jesus where his skepticism is removed.

Read Luke 4:38-39 & 5:1-11
Luke indicates that Jesus had known Simon for some time. Jesus had been preaching for some time maybe as much as a year after his baptism by John the Baptist. For in Luke 4:38-39 Jesus is at Simon's house, heals his mother-in-law of a fever and she gets up out her sick-bed and prepares a meal. In Luke 5:1-11 through we see the selection of Simon called Peter, James and John. In verse 8 Peter finally sees the light.

Read Luke 5:27-31
It's some time later that we see Jesus choose Matthew He was a tax collector, recruited from beside a city gate. Not a well liked man by the Jews. He was probably thought of as having sold out to the Romans. We know that he was a prosperous man. How else could he throw such a large party as is described in Luke 5:29&30. These seven were the first to be recruited by Jesus.

What about the others?

How the Others Were Recruited
James the less Probably came to Jesus because of his brother Matthew.
No record of his recruitment is given.
I've found nothing written concerning the selection of any of the following:
Thomas Also known as Didymus.
Thaddaeus Sometimes called Judas his given name was Lebbaeus.
Simon Zelotes Was a member of a group that resisted Herod the Great by force.
Judas Iscariot Was the only one not from Galilee he was from Kerioth.

Read ( Luke 6:12-16 ) This indicates that they were probably chosen from a larger group. Aside from this, we have no record of how they were chosen. The record of their activities was not recorded as well as the first seven or eight.

Yes, there were others chosen after The Twelve. We know of the seventy-two who were chosen and sent out two-by-two. ( Luke 10:1 ) as were The Twelve. ( Mark 6:7 )

These were all men chosen by Jesus the Christ to be his apostles. These were not holy men, but men of the world. Men who, in some cases knew God, and other cases were 'sinful men' (Luke 5:8). Why would our Lord pick such men? Matt.5:11-16 tells us what Jesus thought of his disciples.

Training the apostles
It was important to Jesus that the men he had chosen were not polluted by the teachings of the day. (Matt 16:11-12). They had to be teachable. I believe the apostles frustrated Jesus more than once. He said in Mark 4:13 ‘If you don’t get this you won’t be able to understand anything‘

They had no great knowledge of God, no great faith, yet Jesus chose them. One who was used to betray him, and another would deny him three times and they all ran when they feared for their own lives. One was not convinced of his Lordship even after our Lord’s resurrection. Thomas needed to be shown the nail holes and the place in his side where he was pierced (John 20:24-25).

Jesus spent a great deal of time with The Twelve. They were with Jesus for most of his three and one-half years of ministry. These men were trained that they might "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." (Mark 16:14-15).

The assembly and discipleship of these men was surely was as great a miracle as the raising of Lazarus or walking on water. This Unwritten miracle was done that we may know the Word and it's truth would set us free!

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